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Roma Reps Land in Manchester to Conclude Dzeko Sale

Walter Sabatini was spotted on a plane bound for Manchester, where he will reportedly land Edin Dzeko for €15 million.

Jeff Curry/Getty Images

While some of us spent the morning debating the merits of Roma's single minded pursuit of a striker, Roma's #DareToDzeko campaign took a surprisingly proactive twist this evening. With Manchester City set to fork over £49 million for Raheem Sterling, the Citizens are suddenly in need of a positive credit on their bank ledger, a twist of accounting upon which Roma is ready to bounce.

Looking like a middle aged dad at his kid's little league game, Walter Sabatini was seen in the Munich airport boarding a plane bound for Manchester, where he will presumably begin, and possibly conclude, negotiations for Edin Dzeko.

All the usual outlets are reporting that the deal is all but done, however Football Italia takes it a step further and puts a price on the transaction. According to them, Sabatini has forced City's hand, talking them down from their initial €20m valuation to a mere €15m, or what we call a ‘Doumbia Dollar'. They continue to report what we speculated on earlier this month, that Dzeko and Roma have already agreed to a five-year €4.5 per year pact, which would still make the Bosnian Batistuta the club's second highest wage earner, so don't shed a tear for his supposed pay cut.

Updates to follow, of course, but at €15m and with no Nutella make weight, this deal is a lot more palatable.