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Edin Dzeko Urges City to Lower Transfer Fee Ahead of Roma Switch

At long last it finally appears that Edin Dzeko is ready to dig his heels in and start demanding for a Roma switch, as the latest rumors indicate he is demanding that City lower their €30M asking price.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Prying Edin Dezko away from the moneyed claws of Manchester City was never meant to be an easy task. Given their never ending influx of cash, oil based or otherwise, the Citizens always had the luxury of waiting, of entertaining multiple suitors, or simply saying thanks but no thanks, we'll hang onto Edin come hell or high water. And, for as much as Walter Sabatini admires Dzeko's talents, and as foolish as some of us might think he is, he was never going to offer €30 million for a 29-year-old striker.

We've hinted at it a few times throughout this #DareToDzeko saga, but his stated preference for Roma has only served to make this a zero-sum game for all parties involved. Roma either antes up for Dzeko or City caves; there was no middle ground.

There was, however, one subtle ploy that kept hope alive, one adolescent angle that would deliver Dzeko to Roma; Dzeko had to put on his Balotelli shoes and go into full-on Diva mode. After getting reassurances from the Giallorossi that they hadn't given up on their pursuit of him, Dzeko has reportedly begun to bite the hand that feeds him.

Football Italia has picked up on a report from La Repubblica that indicates Dzeko has begun personally advocating for a Roma switch, decrying City's current valuation of him. Don't get me wrong, that's great for us and everything, but can you imagine telling your employer "Guys, come on, let's get real, I'm not worth that much" Talk about an awkward conversation.

The original source of this story didn't necessarily provide specifics about Dzeko's tantrum techniques, but with Premier League play only a few weeks away and with Arsene Wenger and Arsenal reportedly hot on his trail, not to mention the €7 million difference in valuation between City and Roma, Dzeko better start causing a ruckus if his dream move has any chance of becoming real.