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Roma Loans Sanabria to Sporting Gijon and Doumbia Back to CSKA Moscow

Roma has just dispatched two strikers of varying accord, with youngster Antonio Sanabria headed for Sporting Gijon in Spain while Seydou Doumbia goes back from whence he came, CSKA Moscow

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

For a team with an overload of forward and winger types, today was a good day. Although Edin Dzeko remains a Roma player in name only, the pending loan of Antonio Sanabria to Sporting Gijon frees up the necessary Non-EU spot to finally make Dzeko an official employee of Associazione Sportiva Roma, which is good news for all three parties.

Sanabria, you may recall, was "purchased" by Roma in January of 2014, though in actuality they used Sassuolo as an intermediary to avoid their Non-EU quota. The kid affectionately known as Tonny made only two appearances for Sassuolo before officially joining Roma in the summer of 2014. Since making the official switch, Sanabria has been seen riding the pine next to his fellow South American sensation Leandro Paredes.

All told Roma invested roughly €12 million in the 19-year-old Sanabria, so it's only natural that they seek out a safe harbor in which he can develop his game. Having secured promotion back into La Liga, Gijon, one would assume, are looking for added fire power to remain in Spain's top flight and fight to be one of the dozens of teams to finish behind Real and Barcelona.

Sanabria is joining a relatively young strike force, so it's not as if he has to unseat an established veteran. In any event, Sanabria is one of Roma's most heralded prospects (hint, hint), so we'll want to keep un ojo on Gijon this year.

In other splendiferous news, Roma has finally found a suitor of sorts for the walking disaster known as Seydou Doumbia. And wouldn't you know it, it's the very club that bilked Walter Sabatini to begin with, CSKA Moscow. Unfortunately, the deal appears to be a straight loan with CSKA holding the option to make the move permanent.

Per the official CSKA site:

PFC CSKA and AS Roma agreed the loan of Seydou Doumbia today until the end of 2015 with a possibility of prolongation until the end of the season-2015/16.

Doumbia received rave reviews during his tenure in Moscow, so hopefully this reunion will spur them to make this move permanent, though it will be a minor miracle of Roma can break even on what was undoubtedly the worst move of the Sabatini era.

But, at the very least, his wages and horrible play are off the books through the end of 2015, though it remains a matter of conjecture who gets the minutes behind Dzeko now that Doumbia and Destro have effectively been removed from the equation.

The salient point of all this news is that Roma can now officially unveil Edin Dzeko.

#DareToDzeko is almost done!