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Gerson to Roma: An Unnecessary Transfer?

While Mohamed Salah's potential transfer has left many fans scratching their heads, Gerson's potential transfer will probably have most fans pulling their hair out. Gerson looks to be very talented, but is he a necessary purchase right now given Roma's needs as well as the state of the team's finances?

Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images

Well, it looks like another Walter Sabatini South American special, and it's coming at a very inopportune time. Roma has reportedly made an 18 million euro offer for midfielder/winger Gerson in the midst of a crucial period in Roma's transfer market. Roma cannot afford to distract itself with Gerson's potential transfer as the team attempts to end the Dzeko and Salah transfer sagas, as well as make a decision on whether or not to sell defender Alessio Romagnoli. Although Roma wouldn't have to foot the bill for Gerson until next year and the player would stay at current club Fluminese for another year due to a lack of non-EU spots at Roma, would he even be a necessary purchase next year?

Gerson's talent is undeniable, he is being tracked by Juventus and Barcelona as well; Barcelona even paid Fluminese 3.6 million euros just for the right of first refusal on him. As Barcelona has the right of first refusal, the Spanish club has an ultimatum to match Roma's 18 million euro offer. Barcelona is currently on a transfer ban though, so it will be interesting to see if they will pony up that much cash for a prospect that won't be able to play with their team for at least six months. With that being said, should Roma end up with Gerson, the club would have a lot of bills to pay next summer, and the Brazilian starlet only adds onto that. What is Walter Sabatini's endgame here?

If Sabatini is simply toying with Barcelona in the wake of failed negotiations between the two clubs over fullback Adriano, then hopefully he bought them a pack of cigarettes first. Some Barcelona fans think Gerson has the potential to be the next Paul Pogba, it would hurt any team to lose a player like that. On the flip side, any team would be lucky to gain a player like that, especially if the player fills a need for the team. Does Gerson fill a need on Roma, or is this just some insane ploy by Sabatini to gain leverage in the next round of Adriano talks?

At the moment, Gerson doesn't fill a need now or in the future, but the situation could change next year. His transfer may be a clue that Roma is readying to get rid of a midfielder next summer. If Roma buys Gerson for 18 million euros, it could signal the impending sale of a Roma midfielder next summer such as Miralem Pjanic or Radja Nainggolan. Other midfielders that could leave next year include Seydou Keita (who's only on a one year contract) and il capitano futuro, Daniele De Rossi.

The De Rossi-to-MLS rumors grow louder every summer, and next summer could finally be the year De Rossi actually makes the move. Gerson is a more offensive midfielder than the aforementioned two, but Kevin Strootman and Radja Nainggolan would probably shift to a more defensive role in the midfield to make room for Gerson in the rotation, should De Rossi and/or Keita leave and Gerson's transfer materialize.