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Roma Sets Sunday Digne Deadline

Although an agreement between PSG, Roma and Lucas Digne was reached in principle well over a week ago, the Parisians inability to find a replacement has delayed the deal. In the face of today's loss, Roma has set a Sunday deadline for Digne.

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If the mere sight of Vasilis Torosidis playing 90 minutes at leftback wasn't enough to convince you Roma are in dire need of improvement in that area, then his horrid defending on Bosko Jankovic's go ahead goal should have sealed the deal. Don't get me wrong, Torosidis is a fine enough backup, but pressing him into full-time duty, particularly on the left side which isn't exactly his strong suit,  doesn't seem like a recipe for success.

Like any successful endeavor, we here at CDT like to do as much of the editorial legwork ahead of time as possible. So, right now at this very moment there is a piece queued up in our editorial system about Roma's capture of Lucas Digne. The only problem, of course, is that it's been sitting there for well over a week, patiently waiting for PSG to land a suitable replacement for the 22-year-old Frenchman. The problem, as is often the case with preordained transfers, is that they seldom go as smooth as we'd hope, as PSG's financial clout hasn't been enough to lock down Monaco's Layvin Kurzawa, Digne's presumed replacement.

Given that extreme delay, which has gone on for nearly three weeks now, and Torosidis' tepid performance this afternoon, Roma have given their Parisian partners an ultimatum of sorts, demanding that PSG handover Digne by the close of business Sunday.

I am not worried, we have time to get a left-back and are evaluating different options. It would be good to start working with this new player over the next few days

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Garcia, speaking after today's match, spoke to Roma's woes at left back, which have existed for quite some time now, but he doesn't seem to worry about much, does he? Must be nice. The different option he refers to is rumored to be Schalke's Bosnian leftback Sead Kolasinac, who, much like Digne himself, has yet to feature in this young season, adding further fuel to the speculation he'll soon ply his trade elsewhere.

However, given that PSG, Roma, and Digne himself have all virtually signed off on this move, he seems like the safer bet to steal Torosidis' spot at leftback, but, as Garcia said, it would be good to get this new recruit sorted out soon.