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Roma Open Negotiations for Torino Fullback Bruno Peres

Now that Edin Dzeko is all but a formality, Roma have turned their attention to Torino fullback Bruno Peres. Can Sabatini snare the 25-year-old Brazilian on his own terms?

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Now that #DareToDzeko is in its final days, and may have been closed for as little as €20 million, Walter Sabatini and Roma are free to turn their attention to the club's remaining area of deficiency, fullback. While a greater and more glaring need than striker, the fullbacks connected to Roma during this summer's rumor mill were nowhere near as glamorous or widespread as their cadre of striker targets, which could simply be a product of the dearth of quality at the position overall. Nevertheless, Sabatini's Dzeko in defensive clothing appears to be Torino fullback Bruno Peres.

We'll spare you a full-on #ProvokeForPeres style campaign, but this is a negotiation worth monitoring, as Peres would provide immediate and long-term benefits for Roma, pushing Maicon at the right back spot in the here and now, while filling the gap for several years thereafter.

While Sabatini hasn't made many documented salvos towards Torinos top fullback, Gianluca Di Marzio reports Roma are now engaged in negotiations for the 25-year-old Brazilian. Roma's opening bid is reportedly €10 million, one million for an initial 12-month loan, with a mandatory nine million purchase set for next summer, with an additional three million in potential bonuses. Torino, however, are holding firm in their €15 million valuation, twelve up front and three in bonuses.

We've had intermittent discussions about Peres this summer, but he is an out and out attacking fullback, one who averaged 1.2 shots, 0.7 crosses and 2.4 dribbles per match, the latter of which led all Serie A defenders last season. Peres also scored three goals and chipped in three assists, and is generally renowned for his ability on the ball and crossing acumen. Peres profiles as the perfect bridge to a post-Maicon Roma and would be an ideal complement to Roma's other fullback target, Lucas Digne.

So we'll wait and see, but it sure appears as though Sabatini is keen on wrapping up his purchases before Roma's friendly with Sevilla on the 14th.