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Mattia Destro Seems Bound for Bologna Move

With his Roman future all but done, it seems as though Mattia Destro is bound for Bologna.

Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

If you noticed a disinterested look on Mattia Destro's oddly clean shaven face today, it wasn't just because Roma was getting their ass kicked by Barcelona. Rather than dwelling on Roma's Catalan cataclysm, Destro was most likely dreaming about Bologna, the newly promoted Serie A side not the disgusting lunch meat hoisted upon children everywhere. Since losing his place in Rudi Garcia's side and flaming out in Milan this spring, Destro has been desperately seeking gainful employment in Italy to no avail.

While Roma was always going to be hard-pressed to recoup their €16 million investment in Destro, his near move to Monaco would have brought back roughly 85% of their investment; not the shrewdest of business moves, but probably the best they could do at this point.  However, rather than enjoying life in the principality, Destro seemingly had his heart set on a Viola move that looks increasingly unlikely.

Bologna, having recovered from the fractured thinking that almost led them to Mario Balotelli, may be the last bastion for Destro's Italian hopes. The greyhounds, back in Serie A after one year slumming in the B league, have reportedly made inroads for Roma's redundant striker. The exact structure of the deal remains a point of conjecture—could be a one-year loan, a loan with a right of redemption, or a straight sale—but the final fee is reported to be €12 million on the high end, though it could be as low as €10 million.

While taking a four million loss on Destro stings in the balance books, after he spurned Monaco, this is probably Roma's only alternative at this point. We'll save the final obituary for another time, but as an unabashed Destro fan, I never--and I mean never--saw this one coming. Destro was arguably the league's best striker in 2014, certainly one of its most productive, so to see him fall so precipitously from grace was quite unexpected.

Having put his injury woes behind him, Destro seemed primed for a massive 2014-2015 season, but despite scoring five goals in sixteen matches last fall, he was still given the boot in January. We may never know the precise reason for his falling out with Rudi Garcia—could be his lack of playmaking, his subdued athleticism, or a perceived lack of effort—but the final movement in Destro's Roman opera is now over.

If the curtain has indeed dropped, Destro's Roma career ends with 72 appearances and 29 goals in all competitions.