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Edin Dzeko Lands in Rome Amid Throngs of Fans

#DareToDzeko is no longer a trend, it's a reality.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Might as well keep the news coming. Moments after announcing the official capture of Mohamed Salah, Edin Dzeko landed amid throngs of Roma supporters--which some sources estimate to be as high as 3,000--ahead of his medical exam, which is reportedly slated for tomorrow afternoon. Dzeko's move has been long coming, which may have added to the rowdy reception, but any way you slice it, this is a huge, huge move for Roma.

If the early word proves true, Roma may have snared Dzeko for as little as €18 million plus bonuses, a far cry from the €30 million figures attached to this rumor throughout the summer. The anticipation for Dzeko's arrival was so crazed, airport officials reportedly had to change the gate through which he arrived at Fiumicino

Here's Dzeko posing with two Alitalia flight attendants, probably the most restrained reception he'll receive all day, but it wouldn't be long before #DzekoDay got in full swing

And one more angle...

And yet another angle...

La Roma has a full photo gallery of Dzeko's first steps in the Eternal City. Suffice it to say, this is kind of a big deal, we'll have more coverage of Dzeko's official signing as it comes.

#DareToDzeko is no longer a trend, it's a reality.