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Edin Dzeko Passes Roma Medical, Deal Will Be Finalized Tomorrow

Edin Dzeko's medical exam came and went with no issues, however, the deal will not be finalized until tomorrow, meaning he will miss Roma's friendly with Valencia.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

After being inundated by crazed fans the minute he landed in Rome, and after partaking in numerous photo ops, the next step in the #DareToDzeko process was the standard medical examination. Not that we were worried Dzeko might fail, but the news from the Capital is all good; Dzeko has ten fingers and ten toes, can hop on one foot while patting his head and rubbing his stomach and successfully turned his head and coughed, all of which deems him fit for service.

However, lest you think Dzeko earned a reprieve from yesterday's insanity, even his arrival to the medical facility was a cause célèbre, check it:

On the way into the facility...

In the facility and greeting fans on the way out...

Yes, even with something as mundane as a medical appointment has become an autograph session for Dzeko, nor could he even escape the facilities without being seflied to death. Needless to say, this is a monumental signing in club history, not so much for the financial cost, but rather as a statement signing. Walter Sabatini identified his target and fought through a tough negotiation to land Dzeko, who fills an area of enormous need in Rudi Garcia's squad.

Unfortunately, due to the timing of this medical, the official signatures won't be laid down in time for Dzeko to participate in Roma's friendly with Valencia, nor have the final financial figures been released, but we'll pass those along ASAP.

But, and this is the important part, Roma landed their big fish ahead of their Open Day celebration next week.