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FIFA 16 Ratings: AS Roma Roster Revealed

It's almost that time of year again, time to draw the shades, stock up on the cereal and plant your ass in front of your TV. FIFA 16 is almost upon us, and the EA has recently released their Roma ratings.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It's hard to overstate the impact video games have had on footballing culture. From Pro Evolution Soccer to Football Manager, fans have more options than ever to live their lives as vicarious players or managers. Don't think Mohamed Salah gets enough attempts on goal? Grab the controller and give him the ball. Have you had enough of Kostas Manolas' temper? Send his ass down the river; it's your call, the beauty of these games is that you're in absolute control.

Of course, the mother of all footballing game is EA Sports FIFA series, which continues to loom larger over its competitors. What was once a heavily pixilated and static game of kick and run has become an incredibly realistic and nuanced recreation of the beautiful game. No longer is it simply enough to ship the games out to brick and mortar stores, the release of each successive edition of FIFA has become a multilayered, social media fueled event.

From screen shots, to leaked footage to rumored features, EA Sports' production, promotion and distribution of its flagship franchise has become an event unto itself. While the release of their top 50 rated players last week generate much fanfare, it was glossed over here at CDT for one simple reason: no Roma player cracked the top tier of virtual footballers.

But, never fear, Roma's full ratings have gone public, behold:

Full Team Ratings


Edin Dzeko: 81

Francesco Totti: 80

Gervinho: 80

Mohamed Salah: 80

Iago Falque: 79

Juan Iturbe: 77


Miralem Pjanic: 84

Daniele De Rossi: 83

Radja Nainggolan: 83

Kevin Strootman: 80

Seydou Keita: 79

Salih Uçan: 73


Leandro Castan: 82

Kostas Manolas: 82

Maicon: 80

Alessandro Florenzi: 77

Antonio Rüdiger: 76

Vasilis Torosidis: 76

Lucas Digne: 76

Norbert Gyomber: 72


Wojciech Szczesny: 79

Morgan De Sanctis: 79

Bogdan Lobont: 70

Quick Thoughts

The overall ratings aren't really the interesting part here (at least for me), but rather the relative ratings between the players. For instance,who in their right mind thinks Digne and Torosidis are on level pegging, or Totti and Gervinho for that matter...yeesh. Let's get on that first update, EA, shall we?

Pjanic checking in as Roma's top rated player is probably well-deserved, while the folks at EA are probably being a bit generous to Maicon and a tad harsh on Szczesny. All in all, we can't really complain, but it will be interesting to see who garners the biggest bump once EA starts rolling out the updates.

What do we think? Was EA fair to Roma?