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Wojciech Szczesny Out Six Weeks With Finger Injury

Tests today revealed a dislocated finger on Wojciech Szczesny's left finger. Roma's 25-year-old keeper is expected to miss six weeks of action.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

As is often the case with all things Roma related, yesterday's joy and elation has come at a cost, namely the structural integrity of the fourth finger on Wojciech Szczesny's left hand. Szczesny was injured during the second half of yesterday's Champions League draw against Barcelona after the 25-year-old keeper collided with Luis Suarez and was immediately replaced by Morgan De Sanctis.

Calling it a collision, incidentally, is being quite kind to Suarez, as it appeared as though he kicked Szczesny directly in the chest as the keeper splayed out to cover a loose ball. But that's just what Luis Suarez does, isn't it? At least this time he kept his teeth to steps, people. Baby steps.

Wojciech underwent tests today that revealed a strain and/or dislocation rather than a straight fracture of the finger, so that's the good news. However, Woj's wonky digit will reportedly keep him out of action for up to six weeks, which would include Roma's next two Champions League contests. Considering how incredibly he's played through his first month with the club--bailing Roma out several times already--this is a huge loss; you simply can't overestimate the impact a keeper with his abilities, who makes the kind of saves he has already made this season, has on the confidence of a team.

However, and I simply must say this...seriously? Six weeks for a dislocated finger? Throw some fucking tape around that thing and let's go. I try not to let my inner-American come out when dealing with the relative toughness of soccer players vs other sports, but six weeks seems a bit extreme for this sort of injury; catchers and hockey goalies play with far worse and they face far more punishment than goalkeepers.

Soapbox over. Wojciech Szczesny is already woven into the fabric of this team, so a swift return will go a long way to keeping this momentum rolling.