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Dzeko Injures Hand in Euro 2016 Qualifier, Being Evaluated in Bosnia

Edin Dzeko scored a spectacular goal in Bosnia's 3-1 loss to Belgium, but it came at a cost, an apparent hand injury. Dzeko is currently being examined in his homeland to determine if he'll miss any match time.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

The peril of being a big club with internationally renowned players is that sometimes you have to sacrifice your darlings to international duty. While this can boost the profile of your club—see Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi and Simone Perrotta at World Cup 2006—it also dramatically increases risk of injury, particularly during qualification tournaments. With the world metaphorically on the line, and playing with and against men from disparate corners of the club world, cohesion and synchronicity sometimes go by the wayside, resulting in some brute and oafish play.

So, it is with some concern that we must report that Roma's newest and tallest hero, Edin Dzeko, suffered a minorish injury following Bosnia's 3-1 loss to Belgium. While Dzeko wasn't hurt doing this:

He did suffer some sort of injury to his right hand, severe enough that it had to be completely bandaged. Now, here is where you're probably saying "BFD, you can't use your hands in football anyway" and I would agree with you, but as is often the case, compensating for an injury in one appendage leads to problems in other areas.

With that in mind, and to determine his match availability in the near future, Bosnian team doctors have sent Dzeko back home for further tests to determine the precise severity of this injury.

Any delay in returning Dzeko to the pitch would be deadly for Roma, and though they can probably weather the storm against Frosinone without their new number nine, any prolonged absence can put a giant dent into all this momentum they're currently constructing.