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Totti Today #72: Sustain the pain

A new year, yet the same old song. Not even the return of the King himself could turn things around this time. Garcia's 1-1 Speciality of the House once again saves his ass, it's really getting both predictable and laughable at the same time. Sustain the pain my brothers. Sustain...

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

At one point during the game, I expected George Clooney to pop up behind Garcia and say "What Else?". Or Uma Thurman next to Pallotta, "Hey, what did you expect?". The umpteenth draw this season, the umpteenth time Rudi withstands the whistles and jeers of the Olimpico. One win in the last ten games, out in the Coppa Italia, an impossible task ahead in the Champions League and chances of winning the Scudetto are slinking every week... Which other coach on earth would survive such a situation but frikkin' Rudi 'porompompero' Garcia?


A 1-1 draw is possibly the worst result Roma could have managed yesterday. A loss and Rudi was gone, a win and we at least stayed in the footsteps of Juve, Napoli and co. But now... Mysteries. Ambiguity. A downright mess. And it gets even more frustrating to listen to Rudi's pressers, where he actually is quite confident of this whole sh*t show. Against Genoa he had Florenzi's celebration to counter criticism, against Chievo he missed six midfielders and now against Milan he could refer to the decent first half in which Roma was the better side. Too bad the second half once again resulted in disappointment. Roma squandered its lead as they did so many times before. Enough is enough.

The return of Garcia's first-choice midfield (Dani, Pjanic and Radja) and even the King himself (Francesco) didn't matter, it was destined to end 1-1 anyway. And so we're back to square one, again. Although Rudi seemed to be out of way since December. I won't be surprised if they win narrowly at home against last-placed Hellas Verona (don't fool yourself, it's harder than it looks for this Roma), lifeline number 23 of the season for the Frenchman. And before you know it, it's May and Rudi safely reaches the end of the season in Rome. Be it on a CL or EL place.


A Perotti or El Sharaawy won't change a goddamn thing, the management needs to look at the bigger picture. Save Roma's season while you can. Do the right thing, do the only thing you have to do. Up until now they only fired one coach since Brand Roma began: Zeman. A second firing is not the end of the world. We won't see it as a failure, on the contrary. A lot of souls will finally find peace.

I feel Bren's pain, Always having to put up a review, writing about the same thing over and over again. It's madness. A recap the crap, as I would call it. It all sounds so familiar, it has been so for months now. Roma is slowly digging its own grave. But knowing this club, did you really expected otherwise?

As if mister Clooney and madam Thurman ever doubted it. Sustain Uma and George, have another Schweppes and Nespresso.