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Roma Chiefs Meet to Discuss Rudi Garcia's Future

James Pallotta has reportedly summoned GM Mauro Baldissoni to Miami to have a face to face discussion about Rudi Garcia's future with the club. Where there's smoke, there's fire, could this finally be it for Rudi and Roma?

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

If I were a gambling man, I'd wager that at least 90% of our little community here wants Roma to sack Rudi Garcia, so it was with much consternation yesterday that we read the news that Garcia was receiving yet another vote of confidence from the powers that be. Yes, after a year and a half in which his side drew 20 matches, dropping crucial point after crucial point, all while playing with the intensity of a yoga instructor, Garcia's job seemed safe...maybe.

While the media tried to distract us with the impending arrivals of Stephan El Shaarawy and Diego Perotti (because throwing more wingers into the mix will straighten out our defense and midfield), the real story of the day is the impending pow wow between James Pallotta and the rest of Roma's executives.

Mauro Baldissoni, Roma's GM, has reportedly flown out to Miami for a tete a tete with Pallotta, the central topic of which will be the future of Rudi Garcia, if he indeed has one with the club. Pallotta was reportedly furious after yesterday's draw with Milan and has arranged a conference call with Walter Sabatini and club CEO Italo Zanzi, neither of whom were invited to Miami, so maybe they'll get the boot, too.

Either way, for the anti-Garcia crowd among us, this is a welcomed sign. Much has been made about Pallotta's disconnect from the team, so the fact that he's finally acting on his anger is an encouraging sign. Love him or hate him, Pallotta is a shrewd businessman and even he realizes this shitshow isn't good for business.

Whether or not anything comes from this remains to be seen, of course, but at least Pallotta isn't remaining passive. Of course, just when your confidence in this leadership starts to swell, you come across a story like this. Yes, someone in their infinite wisdom, wants to hire an NFL-style defensive coordinator to remove that burden off Garcia's shoulders.

I...I...I can't even conjure up the words to describe how asinine that is, but hey, Rex Ryan might be available! Imagine how many sacks Daniele De Rossi would have playing in a 4-3 defense.