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Spalletti Rumors Intensify as Roma Weighs Garcia's Future

While nothing official has been announced, there is mounting speculation that James Pallotta has sacked Garcia and will name Luciano Spalletti as his successor....maybe. This rumor is awfully weedy.

Epsilon/Getty Images

The life of an AS Roma fan is always chaotic, players come and go as swiftly as the wind. Wins, losses and draws are as interchangeable as gym socks, yet when its something you really want, something you've been longing for, life in the Eternal City takes, well, an eternity.

After yesterday's news that James Pallotta had summoned his minions to discuss and presumably drop the hammer on Garcia's tenure with Roma, the decision (and our hopes) have been inexplicably waylaid over the past 24 hours. While the presumed candidate, Luciano Spalletti, has reportedly met with some possibly unnamed Roma directors to discuss, among other things, contract length, immediate transfer aims and staffing decisions, we've still been privy to the occasional Walter Mazzarri, Leonardo, Jorge Sampaoli and even Marcello Lippi rumors.

The latest and greatest rumors indicate that Garcia has indeed been fired with the announcement being delayed due to, depending on who you ask, the Ballon d'or celebrations or Walter Sabatini's reticence to relinquish some control of Roma's transfer machinations.

There are so many permutations to these rumors, and without any further evidence in either direction, speculating on Pallotta's decision making process is enough to drive you mad. Either way, it seems like something major is going down tomorrow.

Given the demands of our respective real world lives, we'll try our best to break the news, if indeed anything happens, but worst case scenario, we'll throw our two cents in later tomorrow evening.

Fingers crossed.