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Diego Perotti's Move to Roma Nearly Complete

Luciano Spalletti has reportedly given the OK to Roma's pending acquisition of Genoa playmaker Diego Perotti, who will join a crowded midfield rotation at Trigoria.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

While the rest of the football world is fully immersed in the January transfer window, Italy seems stuck in neutral. With so many interdependent and intertwined moves still waiting to unfurl, it seems as though everyone is waiting for the first shoe to drop. Between Alessio Cerci, Stephan El Shaarawy and Diego Perotti, the fate of the entire peninsula is dependent on these three overhyped, past their prime or simply mediocre wingers, and hey wouldn't you know it, Roma is connected with two of them and responsible for the third.

It's quite a club we follow, isn't it? Anyway, on with it...

With Cerci set for a move to Genoa, the Grifone have apparently given the green light to a Perotti-to-Roma move, a rumor first bandied about during Garcia's Fall of Saigon phase. Always a step away from Rome but tethered by Genoa's inability to find a suitable replacement, Perotti was cast further into limbo by Roma's recent managerial change, never knowing if Spalletti shared the same winger fetish as his French predecessor.

While El Shaarawy remains a tempting name, it appears as though Roma's first foray into the winter market will be the Argentine playmaker, who reportedly bid farewell to Genoa fans upon hearing that Spalletti had finally given his blessing. While no particulars of the deal have been announced, or even the deal itself mind you, the 27-year-old seems set to join Roma's congested midfield.

Just exactly where and how much he'll play remains to be seen, but his arrival is surely a wake up call to his former Genoa teammate Iago Falque, who would seem to be in Perotti's crosshairs.  However, with Roma connected to everyone from El Shaaraway to some guy named Nacho, Perotti may not be the only new face around Trigoria.