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Roma Blows Two Goal Lead, Draws Chievo 3-3

While it was a thrilling six-goal encounter, you can't help but feel as if you've seen this movie before. Roma's defense was atrocious today, blowing a two goal lead to Chievo.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Well, we can say this much about Roma: they always make it interesting, don't they? In this afternoon's must win against Chievo, Roma stormed out to an early lead, only to blow a two goal lead AND lose it at nearly the last gasp. Today's draw--Roma's sixth of the season and fourth in their last six matches--didn't really do much harm in the table, as the Giallorossi still sit in fifth place, but, well, how much more of this garbage do we need to see before the powers that be realize a change is necessary? And at this rate, I'm talking about a wholesale top-to-bottom vivisection, not just Rudi Garcia.

Anyway, here's what happened. Look at your own peril.

Like we said, Roma jumped out of the gate, hoping to leave no doubt about who was cock of the walk. Enter young Sadiq Umar.

Sadiq Umar: 7th Minute

First off, don't kid yourself, that was a shot from Gervinho--this isn't a Han-Greedo debate; his head was down all the way. However, credit young Umar with the nice finish. Maybe it's because he's a bean pole, but he slipped right in between those defenders practically untouched.

Ale doubled the lead a half hour later...

Alessandro Florenzi: 37th Minute

Nothing fancy about this one, Florenzi capitalized on a Chievo mistake, picking the pass off at midfield and charging straight for the goal, promptly burying it in the far post.

Things looked good, until they didn't.

Alberto Paloschi: 44th Minute

Where to begin on this one? How about the fact that Paloschi outmuscled Kostas Manolas for, what, five, six seconds? Or how about Wojciech Szczesny's feeble attempt at saving the "shot" or Antonio Rüdiger's inability to beat his man to the rebound?

It was just an ugly display all over, so the less said the better.

Roma capitulated once more, giving up an equalizer shortly after the second half began.

Dario Dainelli: 58th Minute

Manolas once again played the role of fool, allowing Dainelli virtual free passage to the far post, where he daintily slotted the ball home with his left foot past a helpless Szczesny.

The parade of goals continued thirteen minutes later when Iago Falque scored a seeming match winner.

Iago Falque: 71st Minute

Talk about a guy needing a goal. Falque had practically fallen off a cliff since his steady debut back in the fall, and what a goal it was. Falque ripped a low shot from the edge of the area, leaving the Chievo keeper with no chance to catch up.

Given the back and forth nature of the match, it was only fitting that the match ended on a bit of controversy.

Simone Pepe: 85th Minute

Fast forward to the 23 second mark in that clip to see the ATP-style video review. While Szczesny did well enough ranging to his right to cover the lower right corner, he was, as it turns out, about six inches or so too late.


Controversy or not, Roma blew a two goal lead and then two further leads (2-1, 3-2) to a middling side. This is becoming less a failure on Garcia's part and more an indictment of the entire organizational hierarchy. Sure, Garcia has long since run out of ideas, but it's not as if Walter Sabatini has outfitted him with an A-team; this squad is replete with castoffs, kids and those who simply aren't up to snuff. What else is there to say?

Meet the New Year, same as the Old Year.