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Roma Considering Maicon Return

With Bruno Peres hurt and Alessandro Florenzi struggling, the club are reportedly interested in bringing Maicon back on a temporary basis.

Empoli FC v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

While the news of the day would seem to be Kostas Manolas rejecting Roma’s latest contract overtures—€2.5 million per season—I’m not going down that rabbit hole. If Roma dont’ realize they have to step up and pay this kid what he’s worth, and then some, well, they probably don’t deserve to keep him. So, rather than fretting over Manolas, let’s turn our attention to the club’s erstwhile right back, Maicon.

Big Doug didn’t have his contract renewed this season, presumably because the club captured Bruno Peres, but more likely because he was 35-years-old and starting to slow down (hey, they can’t all be like Totti). Between Peres, Alessandro Florenzi and Antonio Rüdiger in a pinch, the club seemed set at right back, so Maicon was put out to pasture, quite literally; he’s been training separately from the club all season long, working to stay in match shape should his number come up.

Welp, here we are. Not only is Peres out for two weeks, but Roma has found precious little help at either fullback slot beyond their new #13 and the always malleable Florenzi. That confluence of circumstances has reportedly led the club to look in Maicon’s direction.

Mediaset Premium has indicated that the club may sign Maicon on a pay-as-you-play deal wherein he’ll be paid based on the number of appearances he makes. In essence, they want Maicon as an office temp, but no word on whether or not he’ll have to get the boss donuts.

Its hard to know what to make of this until we see Maicon in action, but Big Doug was decent enough last season, grabbing a goal and two assists in 15 league appearances last season, so there are certainly worse stop gap solutions than Maicon.

So what do we think? Too risk or just right?