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Roma How-To: Home Match Tickets

The first installation of a mini-series of posts aimed at helping readers learn more about Roma. This first post features a quick tutorial on how to obtain match tickets.

AS Roma v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

With the International Break still ongoing, I figured this may be a good time for a non-team related post. Many if not all of us dream of attending a Roma match some day in the future. However, like nearly everything in Italy, this process is overcomplicated and can at times be confusing. But fear not! In this post, I will walk you through the steps of obtaining tickets for matches at the Stadio Olimpico.

Later this month, if readers are interested, I will be back with posts on how to get to/from the Olimpico, how to obtain a Tessera del Tifoso card, and how to attend an away match in the “Settore Ospiti” aka “Away Section”

AS Roma v Udinese Calcio - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Where to Buy

Home match tickets are unique as they can be purchased by almost anyone and in most cases can be purchased online. Many other clubs, especially in England, require you to be a member to obtain tickets. Roma do have a membership-type option available, however, it is only required for season tickets and away match tickets.

If you find yourself in Rome and want to purchase a ticket in person, you can find them available at AS Roma Stores and Service Centers throughout the city and region.

Online ticketing is the easiest and most convenient option, as tickets can be purchased and printed from home. The website address is If Italian isn’t your forte, they have an English version of the site as well, however, portions of the site still appear in Italian. I recommend searching for the match that you want to attend in the search bar and going from there. Manually scrolling through event listings can take awhile.

Also, note that not all matches will be available at Listicket. Single game tickets for home matches tend to be released/available 1-3 months before the match date, while away game tickets are only released 1-2 weeks before the match.

Sample Stadium Map for the upcoming match against Pescara

Where to Sit

When you choose the match that you are interested in, you will come to a page where the website offers to pick the best seat available in whichever section you are interested in (ASSEGNAZIONE DIRETTA MIGLOR POSTO). While this is easiest, I recommend choosing the other option (shown in photo above) where you can select a seat from the stadium map. This allows you the most flexibility in deciding where you want to sit.

The stadium is divided into several sections. Tickets in the Tribuna Monte Mario and Tribuna Tevere will provide the best views of the pitch, but can be rather expensive. Tickets in the Curva Nord provide the most economical way to see a match. That being said, this section is typically not that full, potentially due to the smell of goat shit that lingers since the Laziale sit here for their home matches.

My personal recommendation would be tickets in the Distini Sud, making sure to choose a seat that is as close as you can get to the Curva Sud. This section does not offer the greatest views of the pitch, but offers the best match day atmosphere that you can purchase* and the tickets are reasonably priced. One last piece of advice is to not sit too close to the pitch, as the advertising boards, barriers, and track will obstruct your view. You can get a rough idea of the view from your seats by clicking on the camera icon on the map.

*For Serie A matches, the Curva Sud is sold out via season ticket purchases. However, if you are attending a Coppa Italia/Europa League/Champions League match, there may be availability. Last year I was able to sit in the Curva Sud for the Real Madrid match, as the Curva Sud tickets went to general sale after a lack of interest from season ticket holders.

Selecting the type of ticket:
Full Price
Reduced under age of 14
Reduced over age of 65

What to Buy

When you go to select a seat, price options will be presented. There are discounts for kids and seniors. The typical full price ticket is the top (and most expensive) option presented.

Entering Personal Data. Critical for Italian Football Tickets

Critical Information

The final step before payment will be entering the personal data of each ticket holder. If you are a Tessera del Tifoso holder (more on that in a later post), you can enter your Card Number on the left and have your ticket sent directly to your card. For everyone else, you will need to enter the information on the right side of the screenshot. Note that this information must be filled out accurately for each individual ticket holder.

Upon arriving at the Olimpico, your ticket will be checked against a form of identification. I have been admitted in the past with no issue by simply presenting a photocopy of my USA Passport. NOTE: The names and date of birth must match for EACH ticket. For example, DO NOT purchase four tickets for a group and use your name/date of birth for all four. This is the main reason why I recommend staying away from purchasing tickets via third party sellers like Stubhub and Viagogo. While they may be reliable and legal in other countries, the requirement of having your name and date of birth on the ticket makes this a huge issue for resale tickets in Italian Football. Don’t take the risk, purchase your ticket the correct way.

I hope this was helpful and not too boring! If you do not like this post and wish to not see the future ones (Getting to the Olimpico, Away Tickets, etc) please make your voice heard in the comments and I’ll get back to the usual news and nuggets.