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Roma Unveils Special Derby Kits

New clothes! Red ones! Expensive ones!

AS Roma

Just in time for the holiday season, the club has unveiled a new special, commemorative kit for the December 4th derby against Lazio. This appears to be the much rumored 90th anniversary kit we discussed earlier this summer, and while we still don’t know how often, or on which occasions, they will wear them, they’re pretty slick.

While you’re quite capable of judging these kits yourself, we’ll turn to the club for their official description of these beauties:

The regal kit, a striking dark red complemented by metallic gold details, evokes the red tunics and bronze armour and helmets the Roman legions wore when they fought to defend the city.

This new kit honours AS Roma, underlining its unique bond with the Eternal City, and will be worn for the first time when the Giallorossi meet Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday 4 December.

Totti donning the new kit

Despite the outrageous price tag of €121, I have to admit I’m a fan of these. The darker tones plays really well with the gold lettering, and the SPQR on the collar is sure to be hit, but once again, why not just emblazon that right on the front of the shirt!?

Of course, if Roma only wears these for derby and ends up losing, look for them on the clearance rack.