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Sixteen Years Later: Totti’s Stunning Udinese Volley

This...this was a good one.

Roma v Udinese

While I’m increasingly convinced that Francesco Totti is coming back next season, we’ll never the less forge ahead with our celebration of the variance milestones and jaw dropping moments Er Pupone has delighted us with lo these many years. Perhaps the most magical year of Totti’s career was the 2000-2001 season, which of course culminated with his first and (to date) only Scudetto.

During that magical season, Totti scored 13 goals and contributed one assist (I find that rather suspect, but we’ll take the internet for its word) and, along with Gabriel Batistuta and Vincenzo Montella, formed the league’s most potent frontline. Between Batigol, Totti and Montella, Roma reaped 46 league goals that season, and none of them were prettier than this one.

Totti, who was inexplicably left WIDE OPEN on the left flank took the perfectly weighted and precisely measured cross from Cafu and absolutely buried with his left foot, scorching it into the far post past the keeper. Totti didn’t miss a beat nor take a bounce, meeting the ball in the air and the precise moment, at the perfect angle and with the ideal amount of force; if any of these were tweaked slightly, he could have skyed it or sent it right to the keeper.

In a career studded with sublime goals, this one may be the best.