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Exorcism of the Tuscan curse, Roma cruise to sixth consecutive win

With one of the strangest line-ups so far this season (a strikerless formation, 2 Romans on the bench, Maicon, Keita, Zukanovic all started from minute 1), Luciano tried to counter surprise package Empoli tonight. With succes as the once famous Tuscan curse (pre-Americans) is now definitely broken.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

As a proud Belgian I only remember one thing from the first half: Radja Nainggolan limping off after a mysterious injury. Always painful to see a ninja go down. Well maybe except Beverly Hills Ninja, that movie is a freakin’ gem and Chris Farley was funny as h…, sorry, I’m disgressing. Pjanic scored via a free-kick (well, not directly but you get the point) and we threw away a 1-0 lead after a Roman clusterfuck. Glad not everything from the Rudi Garcia era was erased by the big bald beautiful Luciano Spalletti.

But seriously, how big were the chances that rebound went straight into Roma’s goal? Not a great reflex from Woj, he could’ve also grabbed it for example, but it would be too harsh to point all the fingers at him. Let’s see. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… Blame Totti for it! Yeah everyone, blame Francesco! Kudos to Empoli though. They gave Roma a good run for their money, wich resulted in an entertaining first half.

The second half started as brightly as the first one, with Egyptian duo Stephan El Salah wreaking havoc around Empoli’s penalty area. The Tuscans fought back, with a scissor kick from Spaghetti Maccarone, penalty calls and a nasty counter…. It was clear things could go either way. If Roma scored, it was surely endgame. If Empoli made it 2-2, who knows which Roma would show up.

And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, my stream decided to broadcast an interview of Cristiano Ronaldo, after his Real lost againt Atletico earlier this evening. The horror. Worst of all, I missed SES’s second goal! If I had more money I would sue BEIN.

That said, if I indeed had more money, I would instead personally buy SES outright and drive him to Trigoria myself. Another great action from our Egyptian duo and once again a neat finish from the litte Pharoah. What a chemistry between those two and only after a handful of games. A very exciting prospect. That second goal from Stephan kinda cut the legs from the Empoli players. Nothing worth mentioning after that.

The best thing after this evening’s result? Roma can relax in their seat, grab some popcorn and Kool Aid and watch the rest of the top 5 fight it out among themselves. Both Juventus-Inter and Fiorentina-Napoli are scheduled for tomorrow. Such fun.

After a splendid 18/18 in Serie A we can safely say Roma hit 6th gear tonight under Spalletti. One has to wonder, can they make it to 7th heaven against Fiorentina next week?