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Mattia Perin's Agent Suggests Roma as Possible Destination

The holiday weekend kicks off with a smattering of Roma transfer rumors, including new links to Mattia Perin and Marco Sportiello.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Whether it's due to the international break or simply because Italian journalists will be too busy this weekend celebrating Easter, the rumor mill has been working overtime the past 72 hours. While we spent much of the work week discussing the future of several of Roma's kiddos and debating Radja Nainggolan's true financial worth, the weekend's rumor mill kicks off with a decidedly defensive tone, as Europe's rumor mongers have connected the Giallorossi to a new keeper and several new defenders, so let's take a quick look at the names and faces.

First up, everyone's favorite keeper slash Journey cover band lead singer.

Mattia Perin

Speaking to something called Inter Live, which I'm sure is an enthralling program, Perin's agent, Matteo Roggi opened up about his star client's future:

For Mattia, the time has come for a change, to make a deserved leap in quality...The ideal would be an intermediate step. I can rule out Torino, though I have the utmost respect for their history, maybe instead a team like Fiorentina where he could gain European experience which is what he's lacking.

Inter? We're talking about a huge club with a top goalkeeper [Samir Handanovic] who is one of the best in Europe...However, it's clear that if Handanovic left - for example to Manchester [United] to replace [David De Gea] - then maybe the Nerazzurri could seriously consider Perin.

[Sporting director Piero] Ausilio has already shown full appreciation for my client, and needless to say it'd be nice for Mattia to defend the Inter goal, or even Roma in an important competition like the Champions League.

He feels he's ready for a big stage, and he's also prepared to move abroad. To take him from Genoa would cost €12m

First off, look at the balls on this Roggi guy. Talking so openly and candidly about the future of his client with one of his presumptive suitors. Rather than simply saying "Yeah, Mattia would love to play for Inter" he comes right out and says why Perin won't play for Inter (the presence of Handanovic). And then he tops that by talking about two of Inter's chiefs rivals--Roma and Fiorentina--as Perin's likely destinations. I love this guy already.

And if it's only a matter of €12 million and the choice is down between Roma and the Viola. Well, I mean, which would you choose? Either way, with Perin, Simone Scuffet and Marco Sportiello, expect a robust market this summer for Gigi's presumptive heir.

Football Italia via Corriere dello Sport chimed in on further defensive reinforcements for Roma this summer, including a different name between the sticks.

Marco Sportiello

We've talked at length about Sportiello's merits in these spaces before. The short version: he's young, athletic and extremely gifted. The wrinkle to this move, as with Perin, rests with that Allison character Roma reportedly signed from Brazilian club Internacional. While Allison is held in incredibly high esteem by those in the know, his signing may be, as is so often the case when dealing with those clubs, delayed, causing Roma to look towards Sportiello.

I've made my opinion known on this before, but for the cost vs potential debate, not only do I think Sportiello may be Roma's wisest investment, he may be the best of this lot.

Cristian Ansaldi

Aside from hurling young keepers at our faces, the rumor army has connected Roma to 29-year-old Argentine defender Cristian Ansaldi, currently plying his trade at Genoa on loan from Zenit St. Petersburg. Having played in central defense and midfield, Ansaldi is certainly a versatile option for Roma's bench and would presumably fill Leandro Castan's shoes as the club's token veteran backup.

Not the sexiest move, but with Castan reportedly set for a make-good-prove-he's-healthy loan next year, the club will need an experienced backup behind Kostas Manolas and presumably Antonio Rüdiger.

So that's the news on this goodest of Fridays. Peace be with you.