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Michy Batshuayi Drawing Roma Interest

If Edin Dzeko is indeed shown the door this summer, Roma may look to make a substantial investment in Marseille forward Michy Batshuayi.

Kaz Photography/Getty Images

Given how much we hyped up Roma's pursuit of Edin Dzeko this summer, considering his struggles this season, we look quite the fool; an April fool, if you will. While Dzeko has managed to save face in small doses, that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning. Despite his age (30) and pretty hefty salary, the rumor mongers of the world would have you believe Roma will have to fend off a horde of suitors for Dzeko. However, given that money flows like so much water in the Premiership, Dzeko may return from whence he came after all.

Of course, if this does indeed come to pass, Roma will find themselves in need of another striker. The latest name on that list, Marseille's 22-year-old Belgian striker Michy Batshuayi, is an intriguing one. WIth 13 goals and nine assists in league play, Batshuayi is certainly making a name for himself, drawing interest from Juventus, Borussia Dortmund and Tottenham, just to name a few.

Batshuayi has it all--size, speed, athleticism and flair--and unlike our earlier entrant this week, Tonny Sanabria, a consistent scoring record this season; that is to say, he doesn't simply score in bunches. Across all competitions, Batshuayi has 18 goals and hasn't gone more than four consecutive matches without a goal. At this point in his career, Batshuayi seems to be a volume shooter (3.4 per match), but his conversion rate (15%) is pretty acceptable for a kid his age.

Batshuayi would add to Roma's impressive cadre of Belgians (assuming they hold onto Radja Nainggolan and lure Axel Witsel) and seems like the type of player who can contribute straight off. Although I wouldn't expect 15 goals or so off the bat, he looks like an impressive building block, one who will probably cost at least €35 to €40 million.

Can Roma go that high, or did the Juan Iturbe experience scare them off mega million purchases?