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Roma Routs Fiorentina 4-1 for Seventh Straight Victory

Roma's seventh straight victory was perhaps their best of the season. Spalletti's men absolutely dominated Fiorentina in today's 4-1 laugher, putting them within arms reach of the top two.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

This is about the third or fourth introductory sentence I've attempted, and somewhere in between all the backspacing and deleting, it dawned on me; I don't have to dissect this one or dress it up in fancy prose. Roma seized the moment in every shape and form, absolutely and positively dominating Fiorentina in today's critical six pointer. Luciano Spalletti's men ran circles around the Viola from the word go, punishing their purple clad visitors in a 4-1 romp.

Given the one-sided nature of this match, let's just enjoy the cascade of goals

Stephan El Shaarawy: 22nd Minute

Mohamed Salah: 25th Minute

Salah would get a goal of his own a mere three minutes later. While he was aided a bit by that deflection, just look at that lovely little interplay between Salah and Diego Perotti, who acted as an anchor of sorts, tethering the ball to Salah as he moved across the box, pinging it back to him just in time for Salah to even attempt the shot.

Diego Perotti: 38th Minute

El Shaarawy would play the role of the playmaker on this one, baiting the Viola's last defender before shaking him out of his shoes. The threat of El Shaarawy on the left flank drew two further defenders towards him, leaving Perotti just enough space to exploit the suddenly vacant goal mouth. Perotti slammed in home, putting the match away for all intents and purposes.

Mohamed Salah: 58th Minute

Roma saved the best for last, however. Words won't do this one justice, but look at how absurdly accurate Pjanic's pass was here. Twisting and turning, Pjanic unfurled an absolutely stunning lob from midfield to find Salah in space. And when I say perfect, I mean perfect—that ball landed one bounce in front of Salah, giving him just enough space to not only latch on, build up speed and scare the ever living daylights out of Tatarusanu.

With each passing week, Pjanic reminds us how important he is to this squad and how immense he can be under Spalletti's schemes.

Oh, and this happened!


I mean, what else is there to say? Roma absolutely eviscerated Fiorentina tonight, opening up a three point lead over the now fourth place Viola, while also shrinking the gap behind second place Napoli to a mere two points.

So, just how did they make this look so easy? Simple, Perotti, El Shaarawy, Salah and Pjanic once again made mincemeat out of an opposing defense. Their individual skills, their ability to work in concert with one another and the simple threat of both those factors is more than enough to confuse even the most resolute defense. There's simply no way to key in on any one of these four without leaving yourself exposed to the remaining three.

And that's really the heart of the matter now: Roma is a nightmare for opponents to figure out, simply because they pass, they move, the press and they don't relent. There is no single source for that magic either, this attack is a five or six headed monster.

Start dreaming, folks. Ten more weeks and ten more chances to make some noise.