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Roma Negotiating with Chinese Airline for €15 million Kit Sponsorship Deal

Word is starting to trickle out that Roma and China South Airlines have begun negotiations over a potential €15 million kit sponsorship deal.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Depending on one's take on the confluence of capitalism, globalization and football, sponsored jerseys are either a necessary and shrewd part of doing business or quite simply the bane of your existence. While I fall into the latter category, in order for Roma to keep up with the Joneses, they simply must whore themselves out and becoming walking billboards for any random multinational corporation; doesn't matter which company, or how shady their business dealings are as long as they cut that check.

Again, depending on one's view, it was with much delight or dismay that Roma fans were treated to several years of gorgeous kits unfettered by corporate logos, and while the club flirted with a few corporate courtesans in recent years, word on the streets is that James Pallotta and company are turning their eye eastward in search of sponsorship dolllars.

Football Italia is reporting that Roma's marketing director, Laurent Collette, has held or will soon hold meetings with China South Airlines over a kit sponsorship deal with a potential €15 million per year, triple Roma's agreement with their last kit sponsor, WIND communications.

While it remains to be seen if Collette can ultimately land that whale, it would put Roma in an advantageous position over their domestic rivals, as that €15 million figure would eclipse either Milan side and rival Juventus' €17 million deal.

So while I loathe the general idea of shilling out your shirt, if you're going that route, go big.