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An Ode to Totti

Because a person who can let grown men cry like babies, deserves some recognition and respect...

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

A man who cries, has experienced something truly special in his life. It's called emotion. Probably a lot of it. For the fact that he shows his tears to the world, means that he wants to share his emotions, his feelings to others. Openly. Without boundaries. Maybe to find some solace, maybe to find a helping hand. Or just, to feel free and let it all loose.

Emotions are pure. They are the most human thing humans can do. No, it doesn't look manly. Not by a mile. But it's a sign. A sign that a certain line has been crossed. An end or a new beginning? Depends on the shape of the tears.

Men. Babies. What's the difference when after 40 odd years a man can still cry like a baby? Evolution, it's so overrated. And for what? Why? For who? Some call it a sign of weakness, of fear. The bottom has been reached. Eyes wet, the mind can't take no more. Tell me, how can you stop tears from falling? You can't. It's in our nature, it's the way God created us, the body.

Again, for why? For what? Sometimes the simplest things in life can make or break a man. A child weeping. the sound of a rain drop falling from the sky into a puddle of water, the school bell ringing at 9AM or the latest edition of Playboy with a special 3D cover... I'll tell you, we are not smart people. The tiniest action causes a reaction in our daily life. We long for it, we crave for it, because that's exactly what differentiaties us from animals. Tears, they are pure and bitter. Never sweet. Always in one direction.

Catch a tear before it dries up and make a wish. Whether it comes true or not, that's not the point. You catched a tear. Bravo. The most impossible task in the world.

Ask a child to laugh and it'll cry. Ask it to cry and it'll laugh. They don't understand the meaning of it yet. Oh but they will. One day. Eventually. When life has caught up on 'em. When life has given them moral choices, headaches and taxes. Then they'll acknowledge it. The bigger picture. Finally. Eureka! Crying is not for babies. It's for grown men. The freedom, the cleansing of the soul. It's one hell of a sight to see.

For a man who can let hundreds of men cry at the same time, there are no limits anymore. No jurisdictions. He's the link between heaven and earth. He's both the Alpha and Omega. It's a gift from God to another God. A man with such a talent, he can never be tamed. He won't be tamed.

The King is not dead. In fact, he led his people into the abyss and out. Into the desert and out. Into the Seventh Chamber of Hell and out. Always safe and sound. No scratch. He's everpresent. It all revolves around him now. We discovered a second sun in our meaningful existence. Shining brighter than ever.

When he takes center stage, don't avert your eyes. Look straight into the sun. Then weep. For it's a magical thing to behold as a human. It's so divine. It's the personficiation of an Oreo dipped in Nutella with some icing on the top. No one can resist it.

Those who try, will eventually break down and, yes, cry. For some of us, it can be too much. Too much to bear. Yet they want it so badly. They want to be entertained. To be amazed. Even when at the same time, they know those tears are just around the corner, lurking in the shadows of their eyelid. Slowly but steadily, they start to appear...

It's a funny world we live in, isn't it, Francesco?