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Brazilian Keeper Alisson Confirms Transfer Deal with Roma

Brazilian keeper Alisson Becker confirmed he's reached an agreement with Roma for a summer transfer.

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

While Walter Sabatini's sojourn to Chelsea HQ was the story of the day, which, it turns out, was only to meet with Mohamed Salah's agent over some contract particulars, the roots of an actual transfer appear to have been planted. With Roma's goalkeeper situation in flux for next year, it appears as though the club is going the Brazilian route, putting out feelers for Internacional's massive 23-year-old Alisson Becker.

Well, it appears as though those feelers were well received as Alisson confirmed he's struck a deal with Roma for next season.  After confirming the deal, Alisson said the following:

"The situation is clear, but I have to think about playing for the team I am captain of right now...Only the President can talk about this sort of thing, but it is true that I have already reached an agreement for next season...At the moment no date has been set for my salute to Internacional."

While this deal is far from done, and probably has barely even begun, it does seem to have put Roma in the pole position for the young Brazilian, who is quickly becoming a hot commodity on the open market. Now, what exactly this means for Roma's goalkeeping situation in the immediate sense remains to be seen and largely depends on how much they pay for Alisson and whether or not they give him the job straight away.

Alisson is currently, based on some estimates, valued at €5 million, a price point at which Roma could feel comfortable loaning him out and rolling with Wojciech Szczesny for another year. However, as that price inches towards the €10 million mark, the chances of Alisson starting from day one would increase dramatically; Roma seldom, if ever, goes that large on a keeper.

We obviously have miles to go before this deal is made permanent, and with Roma still connected to Mattia Perin, Marco Sportiello and Salvatore Sirigu, not to mention Lukasz Skorupski, the Giallorossi's goalkeeping conundrum remains in tact.