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James Pallotta: "We're not going to sell Pjanic and Nainggolan"

With so many rumors surrounding Radja Nainggolan and Miralem Pjanic, club President James Pallotta flat out denied the club are selling their star midfielders.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

There's no escaping it, between now and the end of August, we'll be treated to an onslaught of Radja Nainggolan and Miralem Pjanic transfer rumors. The best we can really hope for is a brief reprieve during this summer's European Championships, but even then we'll probably hear Nainggolan's name connected to every club on the continent whenever Belgium is playing. We've repeated it numerous times, but as midsized-to-somewhat-large club, Roma will always be prey for the truly large clubs in the soccer sea; it's our lot in life.

However, it appears as though club President James Pallotta and I-have-no-idea-what-he-does-or-what-his-title-is Mauro Baldissoni threw a little bit of water on this transfer fire. Pallotta, speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, said rather conclusively " I already said that we're not going to sell Pjanic and Nainggolan", while Baldissoni was somewhat less committal, simply saying Roma doesn't necessarily have to sell the pair.

Okay then. And this all comes in the wake of some rather absurd rumors connecting Pjanic with Juventus, who, so the story goes, are ready, willing and able to trigger his €38 million release clause, to which Juve big wig Beppe Marotta replied "I often read in the newspapers that [Roma's Miralem] Pjanic is fact we've never spoken with Roma, a club with which we have excellent relations. He's definitely a great player though"

Bayern Munich and Chelsea are one thing, but the thought of Pjanic bolting for Juventus is, well, revolting. Much has been made about Pjanic and Nainggolan's professed love for the city and the club, their various real estate holdings in the city and even the apparent bond between their children.

So while the subliminal messages and club edicts aren't pointing towards an exit, I'll feel a lot better once September comes around, how about you?