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Reports: Totti Offered New Contract, Roma Awaits Response

The club has made their offer, now they must wait. Will Francesco Totti cross the t's and dot the i's on his new deal?

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Rather than touching the absurd notion that Miralem Pjanic would actually play for Juventus next season, we'll check in with the latest edition of Totti Watch: 2016. Throughout the spring we've sat waiting and wishing Roma would come to their senses and offer Francesco Totti a contract extension. While much of this hope was based purely in our love for Totti, his play over the past two months showed just how instrumental and influential he remains, and that, even as a 30 minute player, he warrants a place on this team.

As recently as last week, we reported that the club was working on a new contract for Totti, one that would be announced following the conclusion of the season and/or month. And, well, here we are, the season is over, and if you believe Mauro Baldissoni and James Pallotta that new contract offer had been tendered.

I don't know why he hasn't already accepted.The contract was offered to him more than a week ago.

It was a generous offer. Now it's up to him. I don't know why he hasn't already accepted it. It's strange, as I thought he wanted to continue playing.

Will he sign it in the end? He should have done it already, he's probably not receiving good advice.

I...I...I don't even know where to begin. You've seen how transformative Totti can be when deployed as a super sub, you know how much he means not only to the fans, but to your bottom line, and you're going to openly antagonize him like this? What kind of business sense is that?

As if Totti should be grateful that you dragged your feet for six months, airing your dirty laundry in public, and should come crawling the minute you hand him a piece of paper he earned by reputation a million times over.  Look at the records. Last week was only the second time in the past seven matches that Totti hasn't registered a goal or an assist, and you're going to act like you're doing him a favor? Fuck off.

I like Pallotta from a business sense, but good god, what gall. This is how you treat your club icon, your cash cow, the very reason 75% of your fanbase follows the team? On what planet is this a smart negotiating tactic?

So, Francesco, between you, me and the wall, let them sweat a little bit before signing the deal. Of course you won't because you're not petty and you'd never toy with the people who love you like we do.

It just never ceases to amaze me how detached this ownership can be from the true spirit of the club, and Pallotta is a Boston guy, too. Would he have treated Big Poppy like this? Larry Bird? Bobby Orr? Tom Brady?

The deep, dark secret to all of Roma's success over the past 20 years is pretty simple. This club would have been in ruins were it not for Totti's loyalty and love for all things Roma. How many times could he have left? How many times did he change, did he adapt, did he subvert his ego for the greater good? And you're going to taunt him like this?

Now is not the time for petty arguments or pissing contests, now is the time to recognize that Totti is the very essence of your club, the past, its present and in many ways, the future.

Don't cut off your nose to spite your face, James.