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Brazilian Keeper Alisson Takes Roma Medical

Roma's new kid between the sticks, former Internacional keeper Alisson, landed in Rome to day for his medical evaluation. Welcome aboard, AB, try not to suck.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

While Wojciech Szczesny was not without his merits this season, whether it was due to some untimely errors or their simple inability or lack of desire to redeem his contract, it appears as though Roma's perpetual merry go round of keepers will keep churning. From Doni to JSB to Maarten Stekelenburg, Roma has certainly run their fair share of keepers into the ground.

The latest young man hoping to buck that trend is one Alisson Becker, a/k/a Alisson--who sort of looks like well kempt Wilding--arrived in Rome today ahead of his transfer from Brazilian club Internacional. We spoke about Alisson several weeks ago, and very little has changed from a financial point of view, which is to say, we have no idea how much this move will cost.

After landing in Rome and expressing his joy ahead of his new move, Alisson, all 6'4" and 200lbs of him, was whisked away for his medical examination. I'll refer you to our previous story to see what AB is capable of, but suffice it to say, he looks awfully good. However, and this is a big one, Roma's experience with Brazilian keepers hasn't exactly been smooth sailing.

So, Alisson, to paraphrase Elvis Costello, we hope Rome won't kill you.