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Are Wages Holding Up Totti's New Deal?

Depending on who you believe or where you read, a reported €2 million wage gap is threatening to delay Francesco Totti's new deal. Ooooffff course

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Ugh. See, I told you it wouldn't be this easy. After months of consternation, it seemed at long last Roma fans could rest easy, Francesco Totti would be back for one more glorious season. Hmm, about that. Depending on where you read and who you believe, Totti's new contract, which was set to be announced today, may be waylaid by wage demands, or is it?

According to Football Italia, whose credibility at this point rests only in their ability to speak the King's English, are reporting that Totti and the club are some €2.5 million apart on Totti's proposed wages for next season. The club, they claim, are offering Totti a scant €1 million with the player holding firm on his supposed €3 million demands.

Never one to stay quiet when his name is on the line, Totti immediately weighed in on the situation, saying: I read with amazement the stories concerning the economic agreement between myself and the club. None of these are true and we have never approached the subject

Football Italia also reports some lingering issues surrounding Totti's image rights, with the player and club supposedly going toe to toe for control of all the lucrative merchandising opportunities sure to coincide with Totti's swan song season.

And all this is coming down some four or five hours before an important away match. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this club?