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Roma May Sell Pjanic Due to FFP Concerns

With FFP regulators breathing down their necks, Roma may have no choice but to part with Miralem Pjanic...maybe. Do you have €30 million they can borrow?

Dino Panato/Getty Images

Aside from Totti Watch: 2016, our borderline obsessive monitoring of Francesco Totti's impending contract renewal, the other story eating our bandwidth and destroying our souls is the Mira Melodrama. With every club and their sister after his signature, and with Roma running afoul of Financial "Fair Play" guidelines, they may have no choice but to part with Miralem Pjanic this summer, possibly as soon as June 30th.

In many ways this melodrama has played out in typical Roma fashion. First the rumor creeps up and we think nothing about it, then slowly but surely it picks up steam, with more and more suitors coming out of the woodwork. This, naturally and inevitably, elicits an edict from club in which they denounce the notion of selling of the star in question, in this case Pjanic. However, in this instance, James Pallotta carefully measured his words saying simply that Roma would not sell Miralem Pjanic AND Radja Nainggolan...the devil is in the details, after all.

This bit of linguistic gymnastics has unleashed a maelstrom of speculation from all parties involved, which has now reached manager Luciano Spalletti, who recently admitted losing his playmaker was a possibility.

Is Pjanic staying? I don't know, he can be happy at Roma, but then in football there are situations that can happen, because that's how football works.

Indeed, that's how football works when your club treats their personnel like so many McDonald's employees (fight for $15!). As far as this relates to FFP and Roma's impending transfer ambitions, we'll turn to Football Italia via La Gazzetta dello Sport:

However, the capital club must submit their accounts to UEFA by 30 June and need another €30m before then to avoid further sanctions.

The Lupi would likely face a €4m fine, but the bigger concern is that they could be expelled from European competitions if they fail to balance their books.

Galatasaray were recently banned from UEFA tournaments for two seasons for similar reasons. Therefore the Bosnia international may be sacrificed, according to the newspaper.

So barring some sort of €30 million windfall in the next month or so, it looks like Miralem Pjanic will become the sacrificial lamb. But is he the right player to offer to the FFP Gods? For that debate, check out our piece from last month on that very issue.

In the meantime, stay tuned, Roma has 30 days to figure out this mess.