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Roma and PSG Battle for Bruno Peres

Roma are reportedly set to take on PSG for €20 million rated Torino rightback Bruno Peres. Is he worth the chase?

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Roma's ceaseless quest for a new right back leaves many fans in an awkward pickle. On the one hand, the Giallorossi have been without a legitimate, in-his-prime right back for longer than we care to remember. On the other hand, the man currently playing that position is not only a fan favorite, but one of the club's most clutch players. Alessandro Florenzi has made significant strides at what was once a foreign position, but he's not now nor will he ever be a natural fullback.

Given his penchant to rise to the occasion, removing Florenzi from the equation is a gamble, so his replacement must represent a substantial upgrade in every sense of the word, anything less would rob Roma of an incredibly versatile and talented player. Florenzi is simply too valuable to sacrifice for a marginal upgrade at right back.

Anyway, onto the news of the day, Roma's dogged pursuit of Torino right back Bruno Peres, their object of desire for well over a year now.  Peres, 26, is no stranger to Serie a fans of course, having spent the past two seasons with Torino, during which he has established himself as arguably the league's best right back. In two seasons with the Toros, Peres has chipped in six goals and seven assists in league play, while averaging over three dribbles and completing over 80% of his passes this past season.

Despite Torino's lack of media exposure, the world has not turned a blind eye to Peres' exploits the past two seasons. Chief among Roma's competitors for the Brazilian is everyone's favorite French footballing oligarch, PSG, who are reportedly prepping a €20 million offer for Peres.

The latest twist in this rumor would see Roma going toe-to-toe with PSG for Peres signature, with €20 million presumably being the starting bid. Roma's slim advantage, so the story goes, is Torino's fondness for Roma's forgotten winger, Iago Falque.

Why they would want him is anyone's guess, but if it saves Roma a few million euros or gives them a slight advantage over the Parisians, so be it. However, we must ask, is the juice worth the squeeze in this instance?

Consider the following. Based on their 2015-2016 league numbers, the difference between Florenzi and Peres isn't as stark as one would think. In fact, Ale holds the edge in a host of statistical categories. Using per 90 minute numbers as a reference point, Florenzi actually bests Peres in goals, chances created, key passes, aerial duels won, blocks, interceptions and clearances, and all while playing 200 more minutes.

Granted, not all of these numbers were compiled as a defender (Florenzi made roughly a dozen appearances at other positions) and his offensive numbers would naturally be higher given Roma's superior supporting cast, but the point is simply this; Florenzi is actually on his way to becoming a decent, and I'd dare say above average, right back.

Quite honestly, I'm not sure where I stand on this situation--€20 million is an awfully high sum for any player, let alone at a position where Roma isn't actually bereft of talent, not to mention the fact that if PSG really wants him, PSG will probably get him.

Now, if there is a circumstance where Roma can outbid or simply our persuade PSG for Peres' signature while carving out a space for Ale to play 2,000 minutes next season, then sign me up.

What do we think? Is Peres the cure for what ails Roma?