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Are AC Milan Really Interested in Juan Iturbe?

There are rumors surfacing that AC Milan are interested in Juan Iturbe, currently on loan with Bournemouth. Dare we dream, or is this simply too good to be true?

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

As is so often the case, at least when discussing a team with Roma's finances, transfers come in at a trickle rather than a deluge, with each successive move dependent on the last; there is no room or ability to pull the transfer trigger without considering the immediate financial and tactical implications. With so many moving parts this summer, Roma will be hard pressed to create anything resembling an ordered and logical transfer strategy, unless they can knock off a couple early dominoes.

Chief among Walter Sabatini's stumbling blocks is the erstwhile Juan Iturbe. While no one ever really believed his "new Messi" hype, few among us imagined he'd end in these doldrums, relegated to life as a bit player with Bournemouth. Iturbe's struggles have created a massive financial headache for Roma, as his shoddy play has made it damn near impossible to sell him at anything other than a loss.

Not so fast, the good folks at Football Italia (via calciomercato) would have you believe that AC Milan are interested in the beleaguered winger. Why on earth Milan would choose to pursue this is beyond me, and this rumor doesn't seem to hold a lot of water, but let me tell you why this would be the best case scenario for Roma.

Not only would this remove a redundant  and underachieving piece from the payroll, it would indirectly enable them, or at least facilitate their ability, to retain Stephan El Shaarawy. With Iturbe on the table, Milan would have added incentive to renegotiate the SES deal, either in terms of the timeline or the cost, plus the two sales might...might...cancel each other out, thereby possibly helping Roma on the FFP front--we hedge our language simply because, god only knows how FFP truly "works."

So while I have a passing curiosity how Iturbe would play under Luciano Spalletti, if finally cutting the strings with him makes El Shaarawy full Roma property, then sign me up for this move. It's going to take a minor miracle for Roma to offload Iturbe and Seydou Doumbia, but if Milan is a ready, willing and able foil, have at it.