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PSG Lower Lucas Digne Asking Price to €15 Million

Now that Maxwell has reupped with the club, PSG are reportedly willing to lower their asking price for Lucas Digne. WIth little more than three million between them, can Roma close the deal?

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Since we started the day discussing Roma's manic quest for reinforcements/replacements on the backline, it's only fitting that we end on Lucas Digne. Roma's, or more aptly PSG's 22-year-old left back, has been a point of conjecture for the club and its fans this offseason, with many (myself among them) insisting that Roma do whatever it takes to redeem his contract from the Parisians, while others (most notably Vincent Candela) have placed an artificial cap of sorts on Digne, somewhere in the neighborhood of €10 million.

While the rationale behind voices makes sense (he's young and full of potential but will never be mistaken for Roberto Carlos), it's simply not in line with reality; 22-year-old leftbacks with his blend of skills don't grow on trees and they don't come cheap. The market dictates that someone of Digne's character and potential costs north of that ten million mark.

Considering Roma's reticence to eclipse that mark, it seemed as though Digne was destined to return from whence he came; a worst case scenario for all parties involved. Somewhat strangely, with the two sides so far apart, no additional suitors appeared out of the woodwork, which could point to PSG's over evaluation of him or a sudden glut of fullbacks on the market.

Whatever the case was or may be, Digne's future remains very much in doubt, though much of that ambiguity was removed when Maxwell reupped with PSG. Between Maxwell and Kurzawa, Digne will find playing time in Paris hard to come by, even with his impressive debut for Roma.

Given that confluence of circumstances, there is hope that Roma's hard line negotiating tactics may yet win them their man. While PSG would (obviously) prefer to net their rumored €15 to €18 million price tag, the Maxwell signing may have just turned them into motivated sellers.

L'Equipe are reporting that PSG have lowered their demands to €15 million, putting the two capital clubs some three million apart in their negotiations. Will that be enough for Roma to pull the trigger? Can the two sides meet in the middle or is Digne destined for part time duty with PSG next season?

With Mario Rui having slipped out of Roma's fingers, overpaying or not, Digne seems like the club's best bet.