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Where Are They Now: Roma Loanee Update 6/2

While most of the footballing world is already looking ahead to the many international tournaments and endless transfer rumors that will inevitably fill the tabloids this summer, there's still meaningful club football being played in Abruzzo.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Pescara took down Novara yesterday to advance to the Serie B playoff championship, where they will have the opportunity to win Serie A promotion. The unlikely hero of yesterday's match for Pescara? One of CDT's favorite Roma prospects, Daniele Verde. Verde's goals may have merely put the exclamation point on the tie (Pescara won 2-0 away in the first leg), but the goals were much needed on the night with Pescara winning 4-2. Plus, scoring a brace gives Verde momentum, which is something he hasn't had all season long, going into the winner-take-all final tie against Trapani. Big players show up in big matches, so we'll see what happens Sunday in the first leg.

In the meantime, check out Verde's goals. The first one is simple, with Verde finding himself with yards of space in the box and the goalkeeper in no-man's land, allowing him the time to provide a clinical finish that puts Pescara back up in the match.

Verde's second goal comes deep in stoppage time. He makes a good run, traps the ball cleanly, uses an epic second touch to out run his marker, and then delivers a stinging left footed shot that bangs in off the underside of the cross bar.

Game, blouses. That poor goalkeeper never had a chance, what a cold blooded killer! Ice. In. His. Veins. While nobody knows what Verde's immediate future holds, he'll probably need to go out on loan once again next season. Even though he may be the one to fire Pescara back to Serie A soon, Verde's loan has still been somewhat of a disappointment, as he hasn't been able to gain consistent playing time. He needs to go out on loan next year and have sustained success, which is something that can only happen with consistent playing time, like Federico Ricci at Crotone. If Verde can have a better season on loan next year, he should get a look from manager Luciano Spalletti next summer.