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Roma's 2016-2017 Kits Leaked Online

With a surprising success rate, the release of leaked kits online are becoming a tradition unto themselves. Roma's latest release, if true, are sleek and harkon to the club's past.

Francois Nel/Getty Images

Since I've been doing my thing here at CdT, I've learned a thing or two about covering calcio; never gamble on an over 30-year-old full back, there are few things scarier than a Brazilian keeper, that despite the fact that roughly 80% of transfer rumors we read are utter nonsense, leaked kits have a surprising amount of validity to them. While there's always some confusion about what's the genuine article and what is simply a training top, these kit leaks have a surprising hit rate.

So, guess what happened earlier today? That's right, some intrepid internet sleuth has dug up Roma's reported kits for this season, their third textile child with American manufacturer Nike. By and large, the club's first two Nike kits have received positive reviews--the first were understated, elegant and timeless, while the second received mixed reviews, mostly because of the home kit's resemblance to a fast food uniform.

Without further delay, the leaked kits, both home and away.


The once again sponsorless shirt has been adorned with subtle horizontal stripes, with some yellow piping along the neck, while the arms remain untouched. The horizontal stripes are a bit of a departure, so we'll see how they play in real life, but if this mockup is indeed true, they don't seem like they'll be too distracting or even visible in the run of play.

The aways


Simple, clean; no fuss no muss, and hey look at that, they brought back the classic wolf logo. This one is a bit plain for my liking, especially compared to last season's flawless white tops, but the throwback wolf is a welcomed sign.

While no third kits have yet been leaked, chances are they'll be black or gray because that's simply the way its always been, though there is that orangecicle version floating around out there.

So, what do we think? Yay or nay?