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Antonio Rüdiger Injures ACL in Euro Training

While we hate to rain on your Totti parade, one of Roma's key cogs, Antonio Rüdiger, suffered a serious injury in training today.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Well, so much for today being one of joyous celebration. While we started the day rejoicing in Francesco Totti's contract renewal, it looks as though the day will end on a sour note. Just days away from kicking off Euro 2016, by far the biggest tournament of his brief international career, Antonio Rüdiger, whom Roma just redeemed last week, has suffered an apparent ACL injury.

As you recall, Rüdiger's contractual rights were just purchased in full form Stuttgart for a cool €9 million last week, which was all well and good until you realized the club were entertaining the notion of flipping him abroad. Well, yeah, so much for that.

While this injury forestalls the presumptive sale for the meantime, it still leaves Roma with a gaping hole in its back line with no immediate replacement in sight. While ACL injuries aren't quite as damning as they once were, Rüdiger is still looking at at least 6 months on the sideline, likely putting him out of action until 2017.

Injured players have been bought in sold in the past, but we can rest assured that this injury puts the kibosh on any and all Rüdiger transfer rumors for the foreseeable future. While losing Rüdiger on the transfer market would have stung, at least Roma would have reaped financial rewards, now they must cope with the loss of a starting defender without an immediate injection of cash to find his replacement.

So where does Roma turn? Does this make Daniele De Rossi a full time defender? Will they call up one of the kids from the Primavera, or does this add a sense of urgency to Roma's transfer ambitions?

This may be an untimely and unwelcomed development, but it just may keep Rüdiger around Roma longer...silver linings, I guess.