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Are Roma Really Interested in Sebastian Giovinco?

Calciomercato floated an interesting idea today: Roma bringing Sebastian Giovinco back to Italy. Can the reigning MLS MVP make the switch or is he already living the good life?

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

With word slowly spreading that Roma are considering signing Sebastian Giovinco, we are either in the doldrums of transfer season already or Roma are really thinking outside the box. Giovinco, as I'm sure we're all aware, moved to MLS last year in a desperate attempt to resurrect his flailing career. After failing repeatedly to carve out his own space with Juventus, his hometown club, Giovinco sought refuge in the safe harbors of MLS, turning in an MVP performance for Toronto FC in 2015 and generally establishing himself as one, if not, the league's best players.

Despite those plaudits, Giovinco missed out on Antonio Conte's Euro 2016 squad, quite simply because he was, to paraphrase Conte, playing in an inferior league. With several slots in the Azzurri up for grabs and World Cup 2018 not too far in the distance, one can presume Giovinco will do all that he can for his last shot at glory with the Italian National team, leading to this current speculation.

Speaking of which, Calciomercato, the fabricators of this rumor, indicate that Roma and Milan are vying for Giovinco's services, with the Rossoneri seeking to up their Italianness while Roma simply need warm bodies that can kick a ball. Calciomercato speculates that Giovinco would fill Spalletti's strikerless mold, either as a backup or an augmentation to Edin "Dead Eye" Dzeko.

Through 51 appearances in MLS, Giovinco has been simply outstanding, scoring 30 goals and chipping in 20 assists, while averaging an astounding 6.3 shots per match. Quite simply, and incredibly ironically, the 5'4" Giovinco is a big fish in a small pond, one who is currently raking in $7 million per year, or roughly €6.3 million per year.

So whether Giovinco wants to move to Milan, Roma or some point in between, he better be prepared to take a healthy pay cut, which begs the question: Does he want to factor in the Azzurri set up that badly? And for that matter, at this point in his career, can he contribute to a top(ish) Serie A club?

If we're being honest, the only place Giovinco really failed was in Juventus (granted that was after several opportunites), because his brief stint with Parma was rather productive (22 goals, 14 assists over two seasons with the now technically defunct club), but after so long out of the Serie A spotlight, could Giovinco pick up where he left off, or is this simply a pipe dream?

For my two cents, this is an incredibly intriguing move. He may ply his trade in MLS, but he's far and away to most lethal player in that league, so a certain portion of that success is bound to translate, right?

Furthermore, and perhaps more germane to (Pallotta's) point, as the defending MVP and one of the league's most popular players, landing Giovinco could be a financial windfall for Roma, sending the hearts, minds and wallets of North American fans Roma's way.

Win win, or wishful thinking?