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Roma Lead Race for Diawara

According to a report from Italian football journalist Alfredo Pedulla, Roma has jumped the queue for Bologna starlet Amadou Diawara and now lead the race for his signature.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Director of Football Walter Sabatini's trump card here? Not blackmail (the odds on favorite), but rather first option to loan striker Umar Sadiq, as well as good relations between Sabatini and Bologna Director of Football Claudio Fenucci. These two factors were reportedly key in helping Roma leapfrog the likes of Valencia and Napoli, both of whom were previously seen as the favorites to land Diawara this summer.

With Roma now the favorites to land the Guinean midfielder, let's take a closer look at the newest potential member of the midfield. The 18 year old, who's valued at nine million euros, usually plays deep in a defensive midfielder position, and is comfortable playing with both feet. Check out his highlight video from the first half of last season below:

Diawara's game is reminiscent of Yaya Toure's, as he uses his freakishly long legs and athleticism to close down opponents and swiftly dispossess them of the ball, just like vintage Toure. It turns out the Toure comparison is natural too, as Diawara himself likens his game to Toure's, claiming "He is my idol. I hope to become like him one day because I play in a similar role and I consider him an amazing player."

Bologna manager Roberto Donadoni had only good things to say about Diawara this season: "He is a top prospect, he is still very young but when you are that good, age is not important. He plays with enthusiasm. He may lack some experience but that's part of the game and will come with time." So how much exactly would this wonder kid cost Roma, and where would he fit in?

It's widely reported that Bologna are shopping Diawara for around 20 million euros, which is a large amount for Roma at the moment, especially given the fact that the midfield is already the strongest department of the team and more reinforcements are needed elsewhere. While Diawara is as close as they come to a can't miss prospect, it doesn't look like it would be the best move right now, unless there's going to be an opening in the Roma midfield soon...