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Roma Unveils New Away Kit

Roma released their new away kit for the upcoming season, which goes on sale next week.

AS Roma

Once again, the kit speculators of the world were spot on, as today’s unveiling of Roma’s new away shirt was identical to the version floated around several weeks ago. Though the skeptics among us (myself included) believe that both the kit manufacturer and the club itself are complicit in these "leaks". But I digress, the club released their newest away kit this morning, which is, as we saw during the leaks, an extremely stipped down version on a classic kit.

The new away kit is designed in a distinctive, warmer shade of white, one inspired by the colour of Rome’s cityscape and its ancient and iconic architecture.

The kit reflects both the beautiful mosaic of colours seen from the rooftops in Rome, and the marble, sand and stone used to build the ancient structures in the Roman Forum and all across the city.

The new away shirt is entirely in this new shade of marble white and boasts a modern crew-neck collar with a red band at the back, with ‘AS Roma’ etched on the shirt collar.

The sleeves and shoulders are also marble white, but in a separate panel that helps emphasise the power of the shoulders.

Boy, they really know how to spin a story, don’t they? Here was my initial take

Call me a pessimist if you will, but am I wrong? How long did this take the brilliant minds at Nike? Ten, fifteen minutes? Fuckin’ hell, at least give us the illusion of a design rather than spouting off about marble can church it up all you want, it’s white. It's a fucking white shirt with a picture of a wolf on it. That's it, full stop.

In any event, it’s not a bad kit per se, it’s just rather bland and a gigantic step backwards from last season’s immaculate away kits. I’ll reserve final judgement until I see it in action. Anyway, the kits go on sale online July 28th.