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Roma’s 90th Anniversary Kit Leaked Online

This season marks the 90th year of AS Roma football, and Nike has apparently crafted a commemorative jersey, and it’s a beauty.

Earlier in the week, Roma’s home and away kits for the new season were leaked online to much fanfare, and were generally well received, to the extent Roma fans can remain calm and agree upon anything. The home reds featured some subtle horizontal striping while the away strip was shockingly plain, featuring the retro wolf logo and some under arm embellishments, but was otherwise left untouched.

While we still don’t know if these are the real McCoy, chances are they’re legit, and chances are they were leaked by a club insider, and chances are they’ll remain sponsorless.

For many years, Roma’s third kits were a delight. From the imperial gray of the mid 00s to the sharp, jet black kits we saw several times over the past ten years, and even to last season’s print in grayscale look, Roma’s alternate shirts have always been among the best in the business.

Well, earlier today the internet unveiled another potential kit for the 2016-2017 season, which is, coincidentally, a noteworthy one for Roma; the club’s 90th anniversary. To honor that landmark, the club and Nike have apparently concocted a special kit to commemorate the club’s founding.

While this kit, much like the two leaked earlier in the week, is rather understated, you’ll notice the darker tones, both in the red, the piping and even the gold plated crest. Zoom in a bit and you’ll see the unmistakably Roman ‘SPQR’ emblazoned on the collar of the shirt.

To which I ask: If this is to commemorate 90 years of true Roman football and you’re going sponsorless again, why not slap a gorgeous SPQR right on the front of the shirt!? I’d buy at least 12 of them.

Nevertheless, consider me a fan of this one—the darker tones and gold crest are wonderful touches. I hope they wear this with regularity and not just as a one off.

We still don’t know if this is a special commemorative edition or an actual third shirt, so we may very well see another leak in the not too distant future.

So, what do we think, will you be shelling out your hard earned dough and/or student loan rebate check on this one?