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Roma Reveals 2016-2017 Home Kit

Roma officially released their new home kits today, which go on sale tomorrow. Its red on red for the new year!

Last week we spoke about the stunning regularity with which leaked kits prove to be real, and hey, look at that, the dark red horizontally striped kits leaked last week are indeed Roma’s new home shirt. Earlier this morning, the club issued a press release and some high-res photos of the new home kit, from head to toe.

First up, the rationale behind Roma’s new shirt:

For the 2016-17 season the club will play in a new strip that contains a nod to the city’s iconic Colosseum.

The entire body of the shirt is red and features dark red horizontal pinstripes - which get thicker as they progress further down the strip - while a diagonal line cuts across them from the left shoulder to the right hip.

This diagonal line proudly reflects the Colosseum in its current state.

Umm, okay? You’ll notice the diagonal line that starts from the crest and runs downward, which looks more like a sidewalk along the San Andreas fault than the Colosseum, but hey, it’s nice touch.

Now for the full kit:

As the press release notes, this is the first time Roma has gone red on red in nearly 20 years, which has been buttressed by bright yellow socks. The club also provided a couple vines with some close up details of the shirt, but no full on video like last season’s unveiling, nor do we know what the name and number font looks like, to say nothing of a sponsor.

I dig em, much better than last year’s home shirts. The red on red will take some getting used to, but I like the stripes. So what do we think? Will you throw down hundreds of dollars for one?