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Peres Move Waiting Pallotta Approval

With all the facts and figures sorted, all that stands between Bruno Peres and his move to Roma is James Pallotta’s what’s the hold up?

Torino FC v Bologna FC - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It just wouldn’t be Roma if a seemingly perfect transfer wasn’t waylaid by something. Bruno Peres will fit into Luciano Spalletti’s lineup like a round peg in the roundest hole on earth, yet you just knew something would trip it up. Maybe Peres would forget his toothbrush at home causing him to miss his flight, causing him to miss the Champions League registration deadline, or maybe he’d arrive at Trigoria and everyone would start calling him Mini Maicon and he’d change his mind altogether.

While nothing that dramatic or absurd seems to be on the horizon, Peres’ move is being delayed nonetheless. Gianluca Di Marzio’s site has reported that the deal is done and dusted, with Peres moving to Roma on an initial €1 million loan with a mandatory option to buy set at €13.5 million, with Torino receiving a further €1.5 million in bonuses plus 20% of any future transfer. So in essence, Roma are getting Peres, arguably the league’s best rightback, for €15 million. This has the potential to be one of Sabatini’s best moves ever, that is if James Pallotta could get his ass on the phone.

Speculation is rampant that the only thing delaying this move is the official okay from Pallotta, which, though one would presume is a formality, does not appear imminent, which will in turn jeopardize Peres’ chances of playing against Porto on Wednesday.

Perhaps we’re reading a bit too much in to it, but doesn’t it seem odd that they wouldn’t have said something like “Hey, Jimmy, we’re about to spend €15 million of your money, is that cool?”

I just don’t understand this club sometimes. I honestly don’t. Either way, Peres figures to be a Roma player by midweek and should be eligible for the return leg against Porto. You know, if someone tells Uncle Jimmy.