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Bruno Peres Takes Roma Medical Ahead of Transfer

If you stuck with it the whole way, you’ve been waiting a few years for this move, but at long last, Bruno Peres is a Roma player.

AS Roma

By now, you’ve no doubt seen the photos, Bruno Peres arriving at the Fiumicino airport in the de rigueur pre-torn jeans that cost as much as a monthly car payment, smiling as he holds up the AS Roma scarf. Yes, thats right, after getting James Pallotta’s approval, Bruno Peres has arrived for his Roma medical, meaning the official transfer is now all but a formality.

As we discussed yesterday, the particulars of the move are as follows: a €1 million loan with an obligatory €13.5 million purchase next summer plus €1.5 million in bonuses and a 20% cut of any future sale. So in essence, Roma are paying €16 million for Peres, which is a tremendous deal any way you slice it.

On his new right back, Spalletti was quick to praise:

Bruno Peres? I’m very satisfied...We’ve taken another great player, like the others we already have. We must immediately understand that no-one is omnipotent, we have to work as a team because it’s the team that gets results and positions.

It’s hard to emphasize just what a huge move this is; Peres is without a doubt one of the best right backs in the game, and to grab him so late in the summer—after pursuing him for three years, during which time larger and larger clubs sought him out—for only €16 million is an absolute masterstroke.

Peres will be on his own for a few days as his new teammates prepare to take on Porto in the Champions League playoff, but one would imagine he’ll be available for Saturday’s season opener against Udinese.

It only took a few years, but Bruno Peres is finally a Roma player.