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Roma (Finally) Signs Salah Permanently

One of the strangest transfer sagas in recent memory has come to a close. Mohamed Salah is a Roma player full stop...finally.

AS Roma v Liverpool FC Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images

As we’ve seen over the past several weeks, even Roma’s seemingly innocuous transfers set off a hailstorm of controversy. And yes, in several instances we’ve fanned the flames, but few transfers in recent history have been as controversial, or convoluted for that matter, as Mohamed Salah’s. Unlike yesterday’s discussion, the Salah controversy stemmed not from his talent—pretty much everyone was on board—but rather the potential legal quagmire Roma was entering by circumventing Fiorentina, who claimed to own his full contractual rights despite Chelsea saying otherwise, to obtain Salah straight from London Club.

Last summer, Roma appeared to have tied up all the loose ends by forking over €22 million for Salah, there were some whispers during the winter that Fiorentina would still have some shred of a claim to Salah’s contract, but news broke today that, at long last, Salah is Roma property, full stop.

Mohamed Salah has completed a permanent transfer to Italian club Roma. The Egyptian winger spent last season on loan at the Serie A side and impressed as they finished third. Salah signed for Chelsea from Basel in January 2014 and made his debut in a home game against Newcastle.

His first goal for the Blues came in our memorable 6-0 win over Arsenal when he completed the scoring, racing on to a Nemanja Matic pass and finishing well.

After spending the second part of the 2014/15 campaign on loan at Fiorentina, he remained in Italy with Roma the following year.

Chelsea Football Club thanks Mohamed for his service and wishes him well for the future.

This is one instance in which we absolutely have to take our hats off to the management. While €22 million seemed like steep price for such a young and unproven player, Salah’s maiden season with Roma proved that his successful stint with Fiorentina wasn’t just a blip on the radar. So kudos to the club for having the temerity and insight to enter into this deal despite Fiorentina’s legal claims.

All Salah has done since then is lead Roma in scoring and form a dizzying attacking trio with Stephan El Shaarawy and Diego Perotti. The future is bright for Salah and the throngs of fans he’s funneled towards Roma’s social media outlets.