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Roma and Milan Weighing Paredes for De Sciglio Swap?

An interesting idea has been floated about today, a Leandro Paredes for Mattia De Sciglio swap, but would Roma and Milan actually make this exchange of young 20-somethings?

US Alessandria v AC Milan - Tim Cup Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Now that Thomas Vermaelen has been added to Roma’s roster, the incoming transfer speculation should die down for a bit, leaving ample time to stress out over the future of some of Roma’s remaining assets, namely young midfielder Leandro Paredes. What to do about Leandro will assuredly be the theme for the remainder of August. While Paredes has impressed throughout this preseason, there is still this notion that he is somehow too slow—either in his decision making or simple speed—for Luciano Spalletti’s preferred playing style.

This has, of course, kicked open the door to a host of transfer rumors, with everyone from Zenit St. Petersburg to Liverpool to Manchester City to AC Milan being connected with Paredes. While Roma can and should fetch at least €20 million for Paredes, particularly given how profligate the market has suddenly become, an interesting trade proposal was just put forth by the fine folks at Calciomercato.

As you can see CM has bandied about a Leandro Paredes for Mattia De Sciglio swap deal, one that is sure to cause a ruckus among those respective fan bases due to each player’s popularity. On the surface it makes a bit of sense: Roma are desperate for a legit right back but can’t really afford to meet Milan’s €25 million asking price, while Vincenzo Montella is rumored to be a fan of Paredes, on whom Roma have placed a soft €20 million price tag, at least if you believe the GdS.

So, despite that five million or so difference in valuation, at least in terms of footballing sense, this move is quite logical, though it would seem that Roma are in a better position to stomach the loss of Paredes than Milan are De Sciglio.

But, since this is Roma and Milan we’re talking about, sense has little to do with this proposed swap. Not only has De Sciglio cemented (well maybe not cemented) his place with the Azzurri, he’s a born and bred Milan player, one to whom the Rossoneri fan base are extremely attached and presumably loathe to see move to Roma.

Paredes, meanwhile, represents Roma’s next great hope: the next diamond plucked from obscurity destined to reach stardom. If the next Riquelme is to come good for anyone, it better be Roma, or so the feeling goes.

Will this swap happen? I sincerely doubt it, but with so much uncertainty surrounding Paredes role this season, and with the transfer rumors intensifying each week, if Roma were to part ways with him, I can think of few better scenarios than this; grabbing a talented and versatile 23-year-old right back.

And while it would sting to hand yet another young player over to Milan, this could be one of the rare instances in which a trade works out well for both sides.