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Roma Lands Lyon’s Clement Grenier on Loan

Roma appear to have a loan deal for Lyon midfielder Clément Grenier, barring a failed medical, which, in this case, is entirely possible.

Olympique Lyonnais v AC Milan - Preseason Friendly
Injury prone Grenier the answer to Roma’s midfield depth?
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Damn, that was fast. Out of nowhere Roma have reportedly snatched midfielder Clément Grenier from Lyon on short loan deal with an option to buy. The Frenchman will cost the Giallorossi a low sum of €3.5m if they choose to procure his services. Why so low you ask? Well, Monsieur Grenier has been more like a Jenga set as of late, falling to pieces and only managing 42 minutes in all competitions this year. Just check out his medical history:

The ankle bone is connected to the...

Dang, Clément did you ever hear of band-aids? Pubis bone irritation? Just rub some Ben-gay on it and get out there! But seriously, this list should worry Roma. We already have a man made of glass named Thomas Vermaelen, do we really need another? Just look at some of these injuries, or add up the games missed. It is possible Grenier barely sees the pitch. Moreover, the lack of Serie A experience is a bit discerning. Yet, at such a low-cost this deal makes much more sense than recruiting Godfred Donsah for €10m. Grenier will bring a much needed spark in the creative department—one touch passes, layoffs, and key passes—if only he stays healthy.

We would need to look back to the 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 seasons to see Grenier at his best. Then, he was an assist machine, providing nearly 1.5 key passes a game. Take a look at his career passing statistics:

I’m passing away...

Note the long ball stats here. Over the top balls are Roma’s bread and butter, and Grenier is just the type of player to be doling them out like muffins at a bake sale. If he can rediscover his past form, and manage to keep his pubis from exploding, Grenier might just be the player Roma needs.

Hot off the presses! Just as I was writing this Clément Grenier arrived without injury at Fiumicino airport with a smile and a scarf. Knowing his history it is a surprise he didn’t suffer a concussion from hitting his head on the overhead compartment or receive third-degree burns on his hands from spilled coffee. Phew! For now he is healthy and reports claim he will wear the #7 shirt. Let’s just hope the shirt’s spirit is more Pizarro-esque than Shiturbe. The Frenchman awaits a medical this Saturday.