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Reports: Torino Set to Acquire Iturbe and Skorupski

Two more Roma players head to Torino

AS Roma v FC Astra Giurgiu - UEFA Europa League Photo by Luciano Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

Life is full of mysteries. Why are we here? What happens after we die? Why is the sky blue? Where do babies come from? Why do I like peas but not pea soup? Why can’t we cut our own hair properly? Some of these riddles will never be solved, but there is one axiom we know all too well—when Roma no longer needs a player, they send him to Torino.

Over the past year and a half Iago Falque, Leandro Castan and Adem Ljajic have traded their wolf fangs for a set of bull horns. Thanks in part to this injection of Giallorossi, and a healthy heaping of Andrea Belotti if we’re being honest, Torino is on the fringes or European qualification.

Well, if the latest rumors prove true, Nutella and friends will soon have a couple more familiar faces traipsing around Torino. Juan Iturbe, the worst €22 million Roma will ever spend, is reportedly close to a six-month loan with the Toros, who would then hold a €12.5 million option to buy. Now, considering how non-descript his post-Verona career has been, that’s a pretty amazing haul for Roma, but unless he completely blows Sinisa Mihajlovic away, chances are Torino is simply a temporary weigh station for Iturbe. However, as we so often say, he’s a likeable and hardworking kid, so consider me among his supporters.

While I’m sure Manu will be happy to see Ljajic, Falque and Castan again, he won’t be making the trip alone, as Lukasz Skorupski is reportedly also making a move to Torino. Gianluca DiMarzio reported earlier today that Torino and Roma have agreed a €7 million move in the summer, marking almost a ten-fold return on Roma’s initial investment in the young Polish keeper; not a bad return at all, but you can make a solid argument that Skorupski is among the top four to five keepers in the league, so Roma may yet rue this move.

This was just a quick hit of transfer news, we’ll pen an obituary for Iturbe’s Roma career when it’s truly dead and gone. For now, let’s see how he fares in Torino, but it will be interesting to see which Roma winger—Iturbe or Falque—they ultimately keep, while Skorupski may very well breakthrough big time in Torino.